Saturday, January 29, 2011

My toddler the stripper

My 21 month old is a stripper.  We're actually quite lucky that it has yet to occur in a public place.  She thinks it's quite funny to take off her pants (and her diaper) and run around saying "naked girl".  My 5 year old thinks it's pretty funny too, which of course just encourages her.  One day I found poop on the floor after her nap/"quiet" time.  Another time I went in to put a blanket on her before I went to sleep and found her asleep with only a shirt on, in a very wet bed. 

I've heard that putting the diaper on backwards can make it harder for them to take it off, but our little girl is a Houdini and doesn't even undo the straps - she just wiggles out of it somehow.  Footie jammies are out as she just unzips them.  I have found that if I put her in a onesie, she's less likely to strip down.  The pants come off, but at least the diaper and shirt stay on.  If only they made more onesies in size 2T instead of assuming all children who fit into size 2T are potty training and need to not have snaps on their shirts. 

I know this is a phase she's going through (at least I certainly hope it is), but let's hope she doesn't prance into the kitchen or front room naked while I have a client here during tax season!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Breaking Point

Do you ever reach your breaking point with your children?  Actually, a more appropriate question would be: how often do you reach it?  I remember being single and seeing a parent yell at their child in the grocery store and thinking, "How can they do that? The kid looks like he's maybe only 3 years old". That, of course, was before I had my own children. 

I remember reaching my breaking point with my first child when she was just a baby and thinking there was something horribly wrong with me that I could feel so angry at a baby who didn't know any better than to continually scream.  I've learned that there's nothing wrong with me - I'm just a normal tired parent. 

I guess the key is to learn to recognize when you're reaching your breaking point before you get there and learn what helps you to not step over that line of feeling vs. acting.  I've learned to say to my husband, "I can not go into the kids' room anymore right now or I'm going to start yelling and throwing things." Then I can just lay down on the bed with the door closed, trying to shut out the crying while I cry and pray and cry and pray some more.  I understand why parents can sometimes do the horrible things they do.  If you have enough stress, tiredness and pressure, and no support system to help you out, I can see how a parent can cross that line.  I consider myself extremely blessed to have a great husband and a great support system to help me out.  I'm also thankful to know I am not alone in having those moments.  I've talked to a mom who was on the phone while shut in her closet. I guess we all need our own "safe" place to go when we're reaching our limit.

(By the way, don't worry - I'm not at a breaking point right now.  If I was, there's no way I'd have the clarity of mind to sit and blog about it.)