Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oil and water

I have two children who seem to mix and play together as well as oil and water.  It seems weird in some ways, because they are the most like their Dad and I.  My five year old son is more like his Dad than any of the other kids. My three year old daughter is "Banks" through and through.  Their Dad and I seem to get along fairly well. :) Yet, somehow, these two must have the personalities and traits from each of us that are completely opposite.  My husband and I have always said that if we had met when we were younger, it probably never would have worked out between us.  So, maybe in the future, as they grow up, they'll end up getting along fabulously.  I just have 20 years or so to wait for that to happen and keep them from killing each other.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Grrrrr. This is/was a library book.  Not a puzzle, despite the many pieces.   I can understand my 20 month old doing something like this. But my 3-1/2 year old? Not one of those things you can blame on an accident or not understanding.  In fact, I'd even understand it a little better if she'd been in one of those moods where you know you better hide the breakables because she's going to hurt someone or something.  But she had just been playing nicely 15 minutes earlier.  Why oh why!! Am I too harsh on her for making her take the $4 out of her bank to help pay the library for this (which will cost me much more than that) and not letting her get library books this week? I assure you I thought of many more harsher punishments.  Grrrrr.