Friday, March 21, 2014

Feeling like a good mom

I had a moment yesterday where I felt like a good mom.  I know.  I should feel like that a lot, but to be honest, it's easier sometimes to remember the times when I feel like a bad mom. It was 60 degrees outside, but I had to run some errands.  So, I piled the kids in the car to run to the bank and stop by the library for my daughter to run in and get her book on hold.  I then made an impulsive decision to just go to a random park to play, rather than bringing everyone home to play outside our house.  I just googled on my phone to find the closest park to the library and we went and played for an hour.

It was awesome.  Everyone had fun and I wasn't worried about checking the phone or being home getting dinner ready (thank goodness for leftovers). It was just a beautiful day at the park.  I looked at all of my kids being happy and having fun and thought "Look at these happy kids.  I'm a good mom for bringing them here." A moment of positive affirmation.  I think that sometimes as moms we need more of those.  And I think that sometimes God just gives us those moments to remind us that we're doing okay. I'll take those when I can get them and try to remember them in those moments when kids are yelling at each other or me and I'm not feeling like such a great mom.

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  1. I remember once playing baseball with my kids with one of those big plastic bats out in the sagebrush of New Mexico. I love that you wrote about your spontaneous hour in the park. It will seal the memory in your heart and theirs.